TMJ, migraines and headaches were a constant pain source for 2 1/2 years. I took pain medications and tried different treatment plans but nothing seemed to help. My doctor eventually suggested I try acupuncture. 

I began acupuncture treatments with Lisa Kramer Hunt and after the first treatment I felt better than I had in a long time. The second week of treatments had me feeling ‘lighter’ and less physically and mentally stressed. After 3 weeks of acupuncture … almost pain free! 

Testimonial: TMJ, Migraines and Headaches

“I came to see Lisa, because I had back pain and couldn’t tolerate the medications prescribed. Prior to my acupuncture treatments I had been unable to bend over to put on my socks or pick up objects. I also had to go up and down the stairs using only my good leg. After 6 treatments I was at 90% improvement. I could use the stairs with both legs, and I started dancing.” P.J., age 82.

I am so thankful I met Lisa Hunt, for 12 years I suffered from Major Migraines.  I would get one per month and the migraines would put me out of commission for anywhere from 12 hrs to 48 hrs. The pain was excruciating and the sick feeling was worse than any flu I have ever had.  I was willing to try anything, as the migraines were negatively affecting my life in more ways than can be expressed. It was mentioned to me to try acupuncture. I contacted Lisa and received my first treatment in September of 2013, for the next months I only had two migraines and they were very minor ones, in fact I was able to work and carry on with my day, this I have never ever been able to do during a migraine. Acupuncture treatment has totally changed my life. Not only is Lisa compassionate but she truly cares about my health and how I am doing. She spends time each appointment checking in with me regarding my overall health, from sleep habits to energy. I will always continue with a few treatments a year, as this is all really needed at this point. Thank you Lisa!!!

Testimonials of Gratitude