First blog post

Acupuncture really doesn’t hurt.

The reason why a person shy’s away from acupuncture is because of he or she may think it is painful.  Many of us remember as a child lining up to receive our yearly vaccinations.  As we got closer to the front, the sounds of the children screaming increased our terror.

The size of a needle used in a vaccination so much larger than an acupuncture needle.  So you can’t compare the two.  That would be like comparing climbing up Red Mountain versus climbing up Everest.  They are two different things.


When I treat patients, part of the intake, which is a lengthy process, involves listening to the patient and being attentive to needle-phobia.

With a person who is quite tentative about acupuncture treatment, I take my time!  This means explaining the diagnosis, treatment plan and treatment before I start.  When the patient lays down they will already have an idea of where I am going to place the needles. Then, I show them a sterilized prepackaged needle and I swab the area to be needled.  Finally I insert the first needle and talk. “How are you doing?” ” Do you feel this?” With proper insertion technique there is very little and often no sensation.  If the patient is doing okay, we continue. One needle at a time.

If an acupuncturist is careful, goes slowly, explains the procedure and is respectful of the patient the treatment can progress in a way that is very relaxed and comfortable.


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