What inspires me is facing difficulties and figuring a way out. 

In facing a problem, usually one that is quite difficult, I discover the very best part of myself. It is a strength that is within the core of my being. This is a sense of resilience that I posses.

I taught this inner fortitude to my daughter early on who often heard the words, “if you fall, brush yourself off,”. When she was in her first year of university and was faced with that feeling of competitiveness and intelligence that one encounters amongst other students, I told her, “the cream rises to the top.” One has to have a belief in their ability and strength.

Perhaps this resilience came from my own experience as a dancer. Early on my training was weak. But that didn’t stop my heart which saw myself as a professional dancer. I had two left feet, was short and had a round body. Not an ideal dance figure. But I had the tenacity to excel. I went to San Francisco and studied under one of the best teachers in town. He was arrogant and only helped those dancers who showed potential. I attended class daily and over the next year brutal criticism turned into praise.

In my practice as an acupuncturist, I have met many people undergoing stress and depression.  Stress is a common condition in our world.  Treatment with acupuncture provides a multitude of options to effectively treat stress.  As an example consider two people undergoing extreme stess which manifests as anger.  The first person has a red complexion, speaks rapidly, and has frequent headaches.  The second person has a pale compexion, speaks softly or is reticent to speak and is often very tired.

Although the primary symptom is stress, the treatment required is radically unique to each individual.  In the first case, the treatment would be aimed at removing the stress directly by harmonizing the organ associated with stress, namely the Liver.  In the second case, this person would require a supportive treatment, because the effects of the stress is fatigue.  In this case the treatment would be aimed at strengthening the Spleen to build the energy in the body.  By tonifying the Spleen this would then prevent the Liver, which is by nature a bit agressive, to overcome the Spleen.



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