Stress, Anxiety, Sleepless Nights

I recently had a patient come in for severe anxiety.  With one treatment, her symptoms were dramatically improved.  Many patients with acute extreme emotional conditions respond quite favourably to acupuncture.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the causes of disease are usually divided into internal, external and others. Internal refers to emotions; external refers to the weather; and others which refers to the constitution, fatigue/over-exertion, etc. In Chinese Medicine, there is an interaction between the Internal Organs and their emotional aspects.


The theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture explains that each organ is associated with a specific thought pattern or emotion. The primary organ involved in emotions is the Liver. When the Liver is in a healthy state a person will feel happy and at ease.  If the Liver is constrained one will experience anger, frustration, pent-up emotions, irritability and may “fly-off the handle”.  As an interesting note, the Liver has a direct influence on the tendons and an imbalance in the Liver often manifests as painful spasms, numbness of the limbs and difficulty bending and stretching.

As well, the heart is also involved in many emotional patterns. If the Heart is strong…there will be normal mental activity, a balanced emotional life, a clear consciousness, a good memory, keen thinking and good sleep. If the heart is weak…there may be mental problems such as depression, poor memory, dull thinking, insomnia.”3 Insomnia most notably will cause a person to feel tired.  But also during sleep the body repairs and restores itself.  A person who comes in with a pain must be assessed for their quality of sleep and if this is a problem this should be included in the treatment.

The Kidney’s are said to be the residence of Will Power.  If the Kidneys are strong, the mind will have focused and one will be able to pursue their goals.  The emotion of the Kidneys is fear. Chronic unresolved pain stemming from childhood may be related to the Kidney’s.

Spleen influences our capacity for thinking, studying, concentrating, focusing and memorizing. An obvious sign that the Spleen is imbalanced is a person who worries, has obsessive thoughts or ruminates.

When a person comes in for treatment for emotional concerns, a thorough intake is done to determine which organs are involved.  Then a treatment plan and treatment is given.  The treatment will include bringing the emotions into harmony, and addressing the health of the affected and related organs.




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