Grundle Rumble, Air Tulip, What?!?!

Yes, gas is common, but it is not normal. You should be able to digest your food without letting others know about it. Gas, indicates a poor digestive system.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organs involved with digestion are the Spleen/Stomach. The western diet of cold and/or raw foods impedes the Spleen/Stomach from functioning at optimum. So does, greasy, fried food eaten on the run. As well, eating the same food every day negatively impacts the digestive system.

With a weakened Spleen/Stomach the food that we consume cannot be utilized effectively and a person will experience digestive concerns including gas. Other digestive concerns include constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gastric reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and chron’s disease.

The TCM diet includes eating foods warm or at room temperature, having a variety of foods, avoiding dairy or other damp foods, and staying away from foods that are cold in nature (strawberries, tomatoes and citrus).

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, along with eating in a way that is benefits the Spleen/Stomach and stress management are ways to begin to improve your digestion.


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