Diagnosis or Death Sentence

“The body is capable of growth, adaption, and repair.” This is something I tell my patients all the time, because once a person is given a diagnosis, it creates a sense of permanency in the body. This idea of permanency is a false notion, because we know that the body is constantly changing, repairing and regenerating. Just think about a minor cut. After a few days, the wound starts to heal.

I remember getting my diagnosis of osteoarthritis when I was still young. For 3 days, I was quite depressed. And then I reminded myself, “the body is capable of growth, adaption, and repair”. But this was going to take some ongoing work. I would assume responsibility of my condition and take appropriate supplements to address and inflammation. Also, I would do acupuncture when I aggravated my condition. And finally, I would participate in a regular exercise regime to maintain my strength and flexibility. Here’s a great online workout resource. (Click here)

The next time you get a diagnosis that seems like a death sentence I would suggest getting a second opinion from a Naturopathic Physician. If the condition is related to the musculoskeletal system working with a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner who does acupuncture may be a great resource for quick and thorough resolution of the condition. You’ll get a lot of mixed and confusing information online. So, I would stick with the information you receive from your health practitioners.

Patience is key! With some conditions, we do not know the outcome, but we can practice to be patient and to work to the best of our abilities.


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