Calm During a Storm

Finding Calm During Chaos.

If we are not aware, life can toss us up and down without mercy as if we we’re in a stormy sea, we will be blown as leaves, branches, and twigs are blown in a hurricane, and if the storm is quite severe we will have our roots ripped from the earth that holds us.

As I prepare for this upcoming weekend, in which I will be celebrating my daughter’s graduation, I am aware of the impending storm. There will be family members that I have spoken only briefly to in the past 10 years, and a time to really heal these bonds. There will be family members with whom I have caused recent angst. There will be family members with whom I feel jealousy. And there will be my precious daughter and husband who I feel closest to. I will feel joy for her achievements and know that this is just a stepping stone. I will hold out for her, as all mom’s do, blessings for a good life, but as a Buddhist I know full well that she is the creator of her own life. So my wish for her is a wish with hands open…open for whatever life will present, and that she may be given lessons to further her spiritual journey.

Today as I sat on the meditation cushion, it was my intent to develop a stable and peaceful of mind so that I may approach the upcoming weekend with an open heart towards all the people and situations that I may encounter. As I sat, the sound of raucous neighbors played against the backdrop of the morning birds and a roaring creek, against the hum of an engine left on, and the movement of my husband who was also in meditation. And I found that I could sit there with all of these sounds and there was peace. This peace has taken many years to achieve and is still not stable. I know that this weekend I may fail in my efforts, but I will keep my intention to be calm, and peaceful.


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