PMS, Common is not Normal

It is surprising how many women think that Premenstrual Syndrome, PMS, is normal.  PMS, although common among women, is not normal and indicates an imbalance in the body.  But the number of women who experience PMS is quite high. 25% of menstruating women report moderate to severe PMS and 5% report severe symptoms.

In a recent research study, “acupuncture demonstrated the ability to reduce symptoms by 77.8% within 2-4 treatments.” (Click here to read more.)

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are many organs which influence menstruation. Menstrual blood orginates from the Kidneys, is stored in the uterus which is then received mostly from the Liver and is nourished by the Spleen.

The Heart influences menstration in various ways.  First, it governs Blood and therefore has a general influence on Blood.  Secondly, it is connected to the Uterus. Thirdly, it directly affects the Kidneys.

With regards to PMS, this is differentiated into Full or Empty Type conditions.  The primary Full condition seen as Liver Qi Stagnation.  The symptoms with Liver Qi Stagnation are abdominal and breast distention, irritability, moodiness, and depression. The primary Empty condition is Liver Blood Deficiency.  The symptoms of Liver Blood Deficiency are depression and weepiness prior to the period, slight abdominal pain and breast distension, scanty or light periods, tiredness, poor memory, poor sleep, slight dizziness.

Many women will present with some of the above symptoms and often the conditions will overlap.  Acupuncture treatment is best administered two weeks prior to the period in the case of Liver Qi Stagnation to move the blood and harmonize the stagnation. Whereas with Liver Blood Deficiency the acupuncture treatment is most effective the 2 weeks after the mense to build the blood and nourish the Spleen.  Generally within 3 cycles a woman will start noticing improvement.


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