Taking the higher road

Lessons in humility.

The other day I was attempting to explain a problem with a package that was returned because of a wrong address.

When I started to clarify the error, I was met with instant aggression and a want to be right.

Why is it that people in the service industry are met with this experience more often than not?

There is another story about a woman and her companion who were traveling in a taxi. The companion noticed that the woman was over-tipping, and so the companion asked, “why?” She said,”If I don’t tip high, this driver might go home and yell at his wife. She will then slap the child who will then kick the dog. Perhaps a high tip might alleviate this problem.”

Today, as I sat on the meditation cushion, I considered all those who just don’t know that they are being unkind and I prayed for them.

Nothing more needs to be done.


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