Allergy Symptoms on the Rise!

An increased number of patients with allergy symptoms in the summer has lead me to question what is the correlation with this season and allergies.  Allergies are often brought on by “improper eating habits, overwork and excess worry”…too many beers and fried foods on a hot afternoon are contributing factors. Certainly, from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, heat is a biggest player in this health condition, because heat rises to the head and in the case of allergies this explains why some people experience red, burning eyes, and congestion.

Acupuncture is showing very high and successful results in the treatment of allergies according to a recent studies published in the American Journal of Rhinology & Allergy. (Click here!) and in a another study published in the Journal Annals of Internal Medicine. (Click here!)

The treatment is simple, takes about 20 minutes and can be done our comfortable IV suite! Book your appointment here!


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