Acupuncture Research for Painful Periods

Exciting news for menstruating women! A new study (click here for more information!) has revealed acupuncture treatment significantly reduces the intensity and duration of period pain, including symptoms such as bloating, headaches and nausea. Better yet, these improvements were sustained for up to a year after treatment.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the main organ involved with PMS is the Liver. When the body is healthy the Liver provides an abundance of blood, and then, during menses, the Liver moves the blood. When the Liver Qi or Blood stagnates, this causes pain.

Contributing factors to Painful Periods are emotional strain such as anger, frustration and resentment; excessive coldness or dampness; overwork and/or chronic illness.

The best method to reduce Painful Periods is acupuncture treatment. As well, applying stress management, and eating a diet composed of warm foods are beneficial.


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