Acupuncture and Eczema

Acupuncture is a simple approach to treating eczema.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the Lungs and the skin are connected. Often in skin problems there will be allergic rhinitis or sinusitis. During an attack, the treatment would address the symptoms that a person presents with which is mainly heat, and, because it is acute, we would “remove the furniture, before sweeping the room.” This means to treat the exterior or excess condition.

After an attack, the treatment would be aimed at addressing the underlying cause of the disease by strengthening the associated organs. The primary organ involved is the Spleen which is affected by poor diet, irregular eating habits, overwork, and excess worry. The symptoms if the Spleen is involved is poor appetite, loose stool, and tiredness. As well, the Lung may exhibit weakness which allows the condition to develop. In this circumstance, there will be low energy, shortness of breath, and the person would catch colds easily. And finally, the Kidneys may be deficient which is manifests as dizziness, poor hearing, sore back and knees, and poor memory.

The studies regarding eczema are very few, but do show favorable results. From a TCM perspective a person will be advised to avoid dairy, cold and greasy foods. It is important, as well, to have a Naturopathic Physician do an Elisa Blood Allergy test to find out what foods may be contributing to this condition.


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