Acupuncture and Immune Health

With the upcoming flu season it is important to boost the immune system. Studies are showing that a session of acupuncture treatments can build the immune system. According to the most recent study, “The results showed that the most favorable effects of acupuncture on the immune functions appear 72 hours after the single session and persist one month after the end of the complete treatment.” Click here to read more!

Factors that decrease the immune system are prolonged or acute stress, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and obesity. Acupuncture can address all of these conditions.

Acupuncture is a system of medicine that originated in China over 2,500 years ago. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture is designed to improve the health of the body through the stimulation of acupuncture points. TCM explains that there are over 400 acupuncture points in the body which connect to the internal organs. When these points are stimulated with acupuncture, the internal organs are affected.

In order to strengthen the immune system points are selected on the Lung, Stomach and possibly the Kidney channels. The Lungs are the most exterior organ, and are the main line of defense against colds and flu. The Spleen/Stomach are organs that support the overall health of the body and are used to build the Qi or energy in the body. The Kidneys are also considered when the energy is quite low or the body has been impacted by chronic illness or stress.

When a person comes in for an initial treatment, the acupuncturist will do an extensive intake to determine any underlying factors that may have negative consequences on a person’s health. The treatment will be based on the diagnosis and is an individualized treatment.
As we move into the winter season it is suggested to have a diet comprised of warm food, especially soups and lightly cooked vegetables. Getting 8 hours of sleep is recommended as is exercise. Stress management is key in all health concerns.


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