Healing Reminders

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself.”

There is old age, sickness and death, however, we can succumb to the pain that seems to be inherent in these conditions or we can recognize that these are temporary states. Pain can remind us of our fragility and weakness. Pain can also be a useful tool to practice love and kindness towards ourselves. When we are injured, we can take the time to heal well and properly by resting and doing the required treatment regimens recommended by our health care providers. In doing so we show ourselves that we care, that we love ourselves and that we matter.

What about working with a love one who is ill? Many will find it draining to listen to a love one discuss his or her ailments again and again. However, our listening allows them the space to heal. It conveys love and warmth and lets the person know that we are all the same at our basic level. The pain you feel, is the pain I feel. In taking care of others, we take care of ourselves by not holding back, but by offering the very best part of ourselves.

We are on a journey that will end. We will all die. We can however practice being loving towards ourselves and others in this process.


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