Healthy Holiday Options To Reduce Stress

Stress is the hottest topic this time of the year.  One of the best things I have done, when the stress is quite high is to take a break and refocus my mind.  How, when there is so much to do?  so many parties to attend?  and the endless shopping for that one last gift?

Just stop!

looking at oneselfHow?  We all have to pee.  That is a good place to unwind.  There are few bosses who will reprimand you for taking a pee break.  Your family, as well, are okay with you leaving the table to void your bladder.

Once you are there you can take a few minutes to just breath.  A few deep breaths.  Or a 2-minute meditation session on just watching your breath.  This is something you can do each time you need to use the washroom.

What else?  Drink water.  About 8 glasses is good.  But when you take a sip, really enjoydrinking water the process.  Appreciate the fact that you can drink clean water.  Acknowledgement of ordinary things is a way to slow oneself down.  You can also do this when you are eating.  Find comfort in the taste of the food, the color.  Or show gratitude to the person who prepared the meal.  If that is yourself, what a better way to say thanks!

Take a walk. This is the easiest way to diffuse a tense situation. When we stand we change the flow of energy within ourwalking channels which benefits all the organs.  From a western perspective, walking pumps blood through the heart and increases the oxygen in the cells. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Heart functions best when we exercise.  A healthy heart enhances calmness and benefits the sleep.

Do not cause harm to yourself or others.  We create our world through our thoughts. Take a quick pause before you speak. We are reactive people and we protect ourselves to the extent that we don’t consider the person in front of us, Possibly the person causing a scene in the grocery line may have just lost his mom.

What about excessive worrying especially at night. This is my constant companion. What readingI do is meditate or pray. If neither of these settle my mind I get up and read a spiritual or inspiring book. Nothing too stimulating, but one that connects me with my basic sense of goodness.

Everything we’ve ever wanted is right here, right now.

And if you are still quite overwhelmed, an acupuncture treatment may be best!


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