Letter of Gratitude January 03, 2018

Dear Lisa,
I can not fully express my gratitude to you for inserting the “ear sed” while we were at the Castlegar airport as I began my journey to Toronto for Christmas.

I have been a most reluctant flier since the first time I stepped onto a plane at Castlegar on Sept 11, 1966 when I was returning to UBC. I have flown many times in the intervening years which has forced me to be on a plane for lengthy periods of time and each time my anxiety was overwhelming both prior to and during the flight. The experience was excruciating rather than enjoyable. Nothing seemed to help, so, in my desperation, I was very willing to try and “ear seed.”

The first leg of my Christmas journey from Castlegar to Vancouver was amazing. Visceral gut reactions that had in the past accompanied any slight movement of the plane were non-existent; my heartbeat was regular; there were no clammy hands or dry mouth. And the next leg to Toronto was even better. I could read, do crosswords, talk to my seatmate, watch a movie, all with a genuinely calm demeanor.
I saved the “ear seed” and inserted it on my way home, with identical results. Unfortunately, the weather did not hold, and I had to spend 3 nights in Vancouver before a flight into Castlegar was available. It was however a blessing in disguise as I was able to spend the time with my daughter in Vancouver.

A very memorable Christmas 2017 for me began with your intervention for which I thank you again.

Most sincerely,


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