Ready to quit smoking?  According to a recent study published by the National Acupuncture Association for Detoxification, the combination of acupuncture plus education is a highly effective method to quit smoking.

The NADA protocol is to apply very tiny stainless-steel, disposable acupuncture needles to the outer surface of a person’s ear. The needles are typically retained 45 minutes.

In addition to a reduction is the desire to smoke again, secondary symptoms associated with quitting smoking will be addressed with acupuncture points applied to the areas around the wrists and ankles.

Dozens of studies have documented the effectiveness of the NADA protocol. Among the benefits reported by patients and health care providers are: improved retention in drug treatment programs; more optimistic attitudes about detoxification and recovery; reductions in cravings and anxiety; fewer episodes of sleep disturbance; and reduced need for pharmaceuticals.